Ian McEachern
Human #103,141,592,653 - Full Stack Web Developer



I am a carbon based biped who alternates 0s and 1s for money.

Currently I develop full stack JavaScript web apps in Oakland, California.


I was born in the summer of 1988 in Berkeley, California. The world was never the same. Mostly because everything changes all the time, but partly because of me.

When I was 8 years old, my grandma introduced to me to programming via Logo, and soon afterwards I had lego elevators ascending and descending.

In eighth grade I received my first graphing calculator, a TI-83+, and started abusing my thumbs writing programs in TI-BASIC.

I was introduced to PHP after taking two years of Comp. Sci. in high school and immediately scraped my favorite web comics into a single page (updated nightly of course).

Going to college I desperately wanted to know more about how both the universe and the Internet actually worked. So I studied Computer Engineering, with a focus on networks, garnering some cosmology and nucleosynthesis while I was at it.

My networking track led me to an internship with Cisco Systems, which was an invaluable lesson in office interactions and project & portfolio management software and practices.

For my senior design project my team designed and created micro synchrophasors, devices to measure the relative phase of the grid at standard outlets. I was responsible for connecting the device to the Internet and building a site to collect and display the data.

After graduating a friend and I created Tndrbox, a geolocated digital events board, but we moved on when we realized our friendship was more important than the business.

I then took a job in Santa Cruz which introduced me to full stack JavaScript (via Node.js) and quickly fell in love with using the same language for the front and back end of the web stack.

I have been developing web applications in JavaScript ever since.



"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies... The man who never reads lives only one."
- George R.R. Martin


Video games are most of what inspired me to investigate how computers and networks work. I vividly remember the awe I felt watching my brother play a LAN game (Jedi Knight) with a friend: how incredible it was for them to interact at a distance through such a beautiful medium.

I also enjoy the analog versions amongst friends, be it a pickup game of football or experimenting with new card games. I have settled many a Catan.

Taiji Quan

Courtney Blackburn gave me my first taste of Taiji when I was a student at UCSC. I haven't been able to get enough of it since. When I moved back to Oakland after I graduated I sought out whoever could teach me Chen style.

I found Nathan Heintz and began learning Chen style Practical Method from him. After far too long I finally learned the Yilu. Now I can refine it for many years to come.


I was introduced to tea by my babysitter when she made me a hacked version of chai (one bag Cinnamon Stick, one bag English Breakfast, Milk, and as much sugar as you can handle).

In college Ben Brast-McKie taught me the gongfu tea ceremony and the wonder that is Puerh. These days I drink a pot of tea every day.